FundRaiser FAQ

FundRaiser FAQ

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How does this work?

For the organizaiton:
Kettle Treats, LLC is able to track a fundraiser by a specific link. The sponsoring organization, upon setting up an account, receives a dedicated url or link.

For the patron:
When you (the kind person that you are) arrive to our site via the organization's link and make a purchase, you are contributing to that organization. Please note, we cannot add your purchase to a fundraiser after a purchase. Please refer to the Just Browsing Today section below.

How much is being donated?

Upon completing a purchase, 10-30% of your purchase price will be donated to your school or organization. The percent varies based on how involved the organization wishes to be with the event.

When are funds mailed to the sponsoring organization?

If a fundraiser is a continuous event, the funds are mailed monthly, provided the fund amount has accumulated a minimum $50. Funds not meeting the $50 minimum are rolled over to the next month(s) until the minimum has been attained. If the fundraising event has an established end date, then the funds are typically delivered within 7-10 business days of the event closing.

How long will a fundraiser last?

The fundraiser may have a finite time or may run indefinitely on the discretion of both the sponsoring organization and Kettle Treats, LLC.

How is product delivered?

Depending on how the organization sets up their fundraiser, an order will either be shipped directly to the individual purchaser or it may be delivered to the organization. Regardless of the delivery preference as set forth by the sponsoring organization, a ship-to address is collected upon each purchase.

Just browsing today?

If you just want to browse today and DO NOT complete a purchase. Upon returning to the site, you must do 1 of the following to ensure your purchase is credited to your organization.

  1. You can retrace your steps by clicking on the fundraising link provided by the organization. The link may have been from their website, an email, or social media site.
  2. If you can't seem to locate that link, you can also just come to this site, Click Current FundRaisers, then click on your organization's name.
    You're all set...purchase away, knowing your organization will benefit from your purchase.