Kettle Treats, LLC is based out of Sand Springs, Oklahoma
Our mission is to treat ya good!

Are You Gettin' Fresh?

Most weekends we are set up at festivals across the state where we always pop fresh onsite!
Likewise, when you purchase from our online store, we will prepare your treats fresh. Since we do not ship day-old popcorn, we only ship Monday-Thursday. However, holiday shipping schedules may vary and increase due to demand.

Looking for a fundraiser?

Our fundraising options include online and on site. The online option takes you completely out of the labor loop. All you have to do is sign up for your dedicated link, then share with everyone you know. No direct selling. No deliveries.
They Purchase. We Ship. You Earn.
Start my Fundraiser.

Have questions? View the FundRaiser Brochure or contact us at or 918.934.3464.

Have lots of friends that love popcorn?

What a coincidence, we do too. Our volume discounts provide a flexible corporate gifting platform that is sure to fit your budget. Any company or individual, may take advantage of these volume specials.

Pricing and Shipping Changes

Due to the last 2 increases in shipping charges, we have modified our product price to reflect only the price of the product and listed the shipping rates separately. Prior to this we added a little to the price and just paid for the shipping. Like you, I really don't know why shipping has to be so dang high and complicated, but it is. Things got really crazy when all the shippers started shipping by dimensional weight instead of by mass. As you know, popcorn is light, by kinda bulky. We weathered the storm and absorbed the shipping increases for 2 years, but the last several orders we lost money just because of the shipping expense. So very sorry, but hopefully we have modified our descriptions so that it is transparent to you. All shipping prices are now listed in the description of each product. At check out, you can click the drop down to see how much the shipping expenses are. Thank you for your patronage and your understanding!

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