Chocolate Mint Cookies and Cream Chocolate Mint Popcorn Chocolate Covered Strawberry
Chocoloate Mint
Our Price: $14.00
After coating the popcorn with melted creme de menthe chocolate, we mix in pieces of chocolate sandwich cookie with chocolate mint cream. We think the chocolate mint lovers will devour this one. While the popcorn is still warm, we lavish melted Andes(r) creme de menthe onto the popcorn. A gentle stir and... well you know, bag it before you eat it all! Pure perfection! These flavors blend to create a Valentine treat favorite. Dark chocolate is drizzled over strawberry popcorn.
Cookies and Cream Kettle corn chocolate drizzled caramel corn
Cookies and Cream
Our Price: $14.00
Kettle Corn
Our Price: $10.00
We drizzle just the right amount of too much white chocolate on our popcorn then mix in your favorite chocolate sandwich cookie. With your first bite, you will know why everyone loves our Kettle Corn. We add just the right amount of sugar to the kettle and then a touch of salt to each popped kernel just the way you want it. Decadent milk chocolate drizzled over caramel corn.